About Us

Chris Jameson, Co-Founder

Chris Jameson is a proud family man. He’s also a real estate investor, small business owner, and military veteran. In 2008, he joined the US Navy and graduated his class of over 720 as the #1 overall recruit. In 2009, Chris served a year in Iraq in support of Joint Special Operations. Chris then returned to college, bought his first two rental properties, and graduated Central Washington University in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. He then spent a year in Afghanistan working on his tan. In 2011, he returned home, moved to San Antonio, and married his beautiful wife, AnneMarie.

Chris went full time into real estate investing after joining Lifestyles Unlimited at the end of 2011. Shortly after, he also jumped headfirst into the private financing industry. Chris has bought over 100 units, done over $10M in personal real estate acquisitions, and generated over $100M in hard money loans. He co-founded the award winning hard money lending company, SF Lending in May 2015.

Chris is a subject matter expert and a perennial market leader for hard money loans and single family real estate investing. He is also a globetrotter, crossfitter, and proud father of two wonderful boys.


Christopher Friedl, Co-Founder

Christopher began working in the financial services and private financing market in 2004. He served as a mentor with the real estate education group, Lifestyles Unlimited. In 2011 he jumped full-time into the single family hard money lending space by spearheading the turnaround of a boutique private lending operation.

Christopher focused on helping borrowers get greater access to deals and properly running their numbers at the outset of the transaction. Since implementing this philosophy he has worked to help investors purchase over 1,100 investment properties with less than a 0.5 %  foreclosure rate.

He has spoken regularly in regards to the benefits of real estate investing throughout Texas and the Midwest. He has appeared numerous times as a guest on the Lifestyles Unlimited real estate investing radio shows.

He currently resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with his wife and 6 children.


Frances Friedl, Funding Coordinator:

Frances has been in the financial services industry for 5 years. At Wells Fargo, she managed customer services to ensure prompt and efficient transaction processing, handled compliance, audit, and operational regulations and guidelines, and was responsible for early detection of fraudulent transactions. In 3 years in the private lending business, Frances has focused on increasing the efficiency of closing procedures She maintains checks and balances for the responsible deployment of investor capital. She has handled fiscal control and funding approval in relation to over $100 million in private funds. Frances served as the right hand to the co-founders in all matters relating to maintenance and supervision of assets and client relations.